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Tidy Booms – Turbo German (3 Pack)

100% Fluorocarbon Fused Boom Sections 

These specific Gemini Tidy Booms are perfect for creating Turbo German Rigs.

The Turbo German Rig is a highly effective balanced bottom bait rig. Offering consistent levels of presentation, the ability to reset after an aborted take and solid hook holds.

The Turbo German has evolved from the traditional ‘German Rig’, which in its own right, is a simple, yet highly effective, balanced bottom bait rig.

The advancement, or progression if you like, came about through a desire to use a stiff fluorocarbon hook link within the rigs design (traditional German Rig uses a semi-stiff braid).

Using a fluorocarbon hook link would offer all of the advantages commonly associated with the use of this material; invisibility, abrasion resistance and a stiffness that offers anti-tangle benefits as well as exploiting ‘Point X’ (the point of no return; when a stiff material passes a carps bottom lip it is very difficult for the material to pass back the way it came).

The negative of using a Fluorocarbon hook link on a traditional ‘German Rig’ was that the material (stiff by nature) would impede the movement of the hook (semi-stiff braid used on the traditional German Rig would previously allow sufficient movement of the hook). The answer was simple, inspired by the Ronnie Rig to a degree, a small size 11 quick change swivel (or spinner swivel no ring) is deployed at the business end of the rig, this facilitates the use of a Stiff Fluorocarbon whilst providing all the movement the hook requires to take hold.

Ideal for wafters, balanced hook baits and snowman presentations.

Please do not confuse with the Ronnie Rig, this is for wafters, balanced bottom baits, wafters and snowman presentations only.

100% Fluorocarbon / 30lb Breaking Strain / Fluorocarbon Fused Bond Technology


Strength: Each Tidy Boom is manufactured using our unique ‘Fluorocarbon Fused Bond Technology’. This is stronger than any conventional knot.

Stealth: Each Tidy Boom is manufactured using 100% fluorocarbon. With a light refractive index of 1.42 (very similar to water) Gemini Tidy Booms are near invisible underwater.

Reliability: Each Tidy Boom is manufactured within the UK. This helps us maintain production standards and in turn the reliability of each and every Tidy Boom.

30lb Breaking Strain / 0.50mm Diameter / 100% Fluorocarbon

Size 11 Spinner Swivel (No Ring)

Available In 5.5” Lengths, 7″ Lengths or 9” Lengths

Postage & Packaging Charges:

UK Standard – £2.95

UK Special Delivery £10.95

EUROPE – £6.95 



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