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Tidy Rig - The Turbo German (2)


2 Tidy Rigs - The Turbo German

A highly effective and easy to use bottom bait or wafter rig.

The rig is made from 7 inches of 20lb Fluorocarbon with a 6mm ‘Fused Loop’ at one end.

At the business end is a ‘Gemini Aquiline Hook’ (with an ultra sharp point and non-reflective Teflon coating), implanted into a Quick Change Swivel with the addition of black heat shrink to keep everything covert and tidy.
Onto the hook is a Micro Ring Swivel for mounting your hookbait, held in place by a hook stop.

The ‘Fusion’ manufacturing process incorporated into these rigs is stronger than any conventional knot and delivers a sleek and tidy finish, improving rig presentation and allowing the easy addition of sticks and anti-tangle sleeves to the rig.

Available in:

- Size 4 or 6
- Micro Barbed or Barbless
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