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Tidy Rig - The Ronnie (2)


2 Tidy Rigs - The Ronnie

A superb low level pop-up rig that offers great hook holds and the ability to reset everytime.

The boom section of this rig is made from 7 inches of 30lb fluorocarbon with a 6mm ‘Fused Loop’ at one end and 6mm ‘Fused Loop’ incorporating a size 11 Quick Change Ring Swivel at the other end.

At the business end is a ‘Gemini Aquiline Hook’ (with an ultra sharp point and non-reflective Teflon coating), implanted into a Quick Change Ring Swivel with the addition of black heat shrink to keep everything covert and tidy.

The ‘Fusion’ manufacturing process incorporated into these rigs are stronger than any conventional knot and delivers a sleek and tidy finish, improving rig presentation and allowing the easy addition of anti-tangle sleeves to the rig.

Available in:
- Size 4 or 6
- Micro Barbed or Barbless
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Jamie from Norfolk

I was hesitant st first like everyone is however thede blew me away over the next 24 hours. A high thirty and a mid 20 common and they held on strong. These were hard fighting fish and they with stood it all. Will 1000% reccomend. Be buying more tonight Haha!

Bob King from Fareham

Great Product. Can't believe how invisible they are in water

Dave from Hull

Bought some Ronnie rigs with anticipation thinking maybe these are just like normal ready made rigs ... how very wrong I was these look top quality rigs all really well made can't wait to use em thanks guys