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Tidy Boom - For Hinged Stiff Rigs (3)


3 Tidy Booms (Ideal for Hinged Stiff Rigs)

Fused booms that are ideal for using as the boom sections on a Hinged Stiff Rig.

30lb Fluorocarbon Boom section with a 6mm ‘Fused Loop’ at one end and a 10mm ‘Fused Loop’ incorporating a Size 11 Swivel at the other.

The ‘Fusion’ manufacturing process incorporated into these booms is stronger than any convential knot and delivers a sleek and tidy finish, improving rig presentation and allowing the easy addition of sticks and anti-tangle sleeves to the boom section.

Available in 5.5 Inch and 7 Inch

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Michael Walton from London

Recently purchased booms for stiff hinge rigs, fast delivery well made and certainly strong! have used the rigs for a few sessions and have had takes resulting in good hook holds, I have ordered some more to enable a 'stock' of pre tied rigs.