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Safety Stops & Beads (16)

16 Safety Stops and Beads for use on helicopter and chod setups.

Deployed as the top bead on a helicopter setup, the Gemini Stops and Beads serve two main functions:

Top Bead
The safety stops and beads can be placed at a specific location on your leader or line to limit the distance your rig can travel during the cast.

The semi-fixed bead mounted onto the safety stop is movable when placed under a certain amount of pressure from the swivel running on the leader/line.
In the event of a crack-off (or cut-ff) a hooked carp can apply enough pressure to release the semi-fixed bead from the safety stop, allowing the swivel, rig and carp to become free (carrying just the hooklink/rig).

Although specifically designed for use with 'Gemini 100% Fluorocarbon Leaders', the safety stops and beads are also compatible with 'Naked Setups' and other brands and styles of leader.

*For use with Gemini 100% Fluorocarbon Leaders please decant 'Safety Stop' onto a stick needle and then thread onto your Gemini Leader via the stick needle, adding lubrication (saliva) and teasing the stop onto the leader.
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