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QC Swivel - Tidy Stems

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Gemini QC Swivel Tidy Stems

Gemini Tidy Stems have been designed to provide the ultimate quick change means of fishing Solid PVA Bags. Gemini Tidy Stems act as direct replacement for your standard inline insert. Simply remove the standard insert that comes with your inline lead and replace with a Tidy Stem.

Each Tidy Stem has a Size 8 QC Swivel at the business end for attaching your rig and a fluorocarbon loop protruding from the reverse of the Tidy Stem for attaching your mainline.

The Tidy Stems will allow you to prepare several Solid Bags before your session, attaching each prepared bag to your mainline via a loop-to-loop connection, Palomar knot or Grinner knot when ready.

Key Features:

Fish Solid Bags 'Quick Change Style' On Any Water

Tidy Stems are suitable for use on waters that impose 'Leader Bans'. The 'Tidy Stem - Tubing Kit' offers anglers the ability to fish quick change Solid Bags on 'tubing only waters'. The 'tubing to stem connectors', supplied in these kits, allow anglers to friction fit the supplied tungsten rig tubing to the 'Tidy Stems' and in turn offer a quick change means of fishing solid bags whilst ensuring safety.

Strength, Flexibility & Safety

The internals of each Tidy Stem have been designed and created using a unique fluorocarbon material, fused together to ensure strength (45lb breaking strain), flexibility (wireless 100% fluorocarbon internals) and in turn fish safety.

Suitable Fit

Gemini Tidy Stems are available in two sizes (5mm or 5.75mm) Each size has a specific diameter, designed for use with an inline lead that has an internal diameter/bore that correlates to the Tidy Stems diameter.

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