Longshank Hooks - Barbless (10)


Superbly versatile, mechanically sound and deadly on a wide variety of rigs the Gemini Longshank should not be overlooked lightly.

With a longer than normal shank, the Gemini Longshank offers two main mechanical benefits, these are:

· The longer shank incorporated into the design causes the hook to turn, and then take hold a lot quicker than a standard hook pattern.
· The long shank also acts as an extended lever. This extended lever, coupled with a long point will ensure hook holds are driven home and massively reduce hook pulls.

This hook pattern is often underrated by many anglers, however with superb hooking potential and extra strong hook holds it's a great addition to many rigs and great choice for waters where Carp may be a little 'Riggy' (shy).


Strength & Durability:

As standard each Gemini Longshank hook is forged using a premium grade High Carbon Steel, ensuring point sharpness, point durability and superb strength to weight ratios.

Each hook boasts a Needle Sharp Point that undergoes a unique two phase chemical and mechanical sharpening process.

P.T.F.E Coated to deliver maximum stealth and hook penetration speeds (by up to 25% vs a conventional non-coated hook).


Size & Barb Options: 
Size 4 / 6 / 8
Micro Barbed or Barbless
10 Hooks Per Packet

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