ARC System Leads

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Delivering Rigs, Tangle-Free, At Maximum Distance!

Want to gain extra yards when casting?

The 'Gemini A.R.C System' boasts the advantage of streamlining your last meter setup. Locking the hook and in turn the rig tight against the leader/mainline, until impact with water. Streamlining the setup allows you to reach much greater distances, which can be essential in certain situations.

‚ÄčThe 'Gemini A.R.C System' will add tens of yards to your maximum distance.

The Gemini Advanced Release Clip (A.R.C) System streamlines your setup to vastly increase casting distance and holds your rig securely in place until impact with water, ensuring the rig is delivered tangle-free.

Available in: Mixed Weight / 3oz / 3.5oz / 4oz / 4.5oz