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A.R.C System Leads - Sand Brown (5)


A.R.C System Leads - Silt Brown (5)

Each Gemini A.R.C System Lead incorporates the patented advanced release clip. The patented clip allows you to hold the rig in place through the cast, releasing the rig upon impact with water, streamlining the set up to cast further than ever before and ensuring rigs arrive tangle free for ultimate piece of mind.
Product Assets:
- Streamlining the setup to vastly increase casting distance.
- Holds the rig securely in place until impact with water, delivering your rig tangle-free.
Additional Benefits:
- Top bead not essential, the rig is held in place by the sinker.
- Rig Length/materials can be experimented with as the Gemini A.R.C Lead offers tangle protection.
- No Hair Tangles, hook is held securely disabling the ability for the hair to tangle around the hook.
- Streamlined entry of both Rig and Lead ensures fish scare is minimal in your swim


5 x  Gemini Advanced Release Clip (A.R.C) Leads (Select Size)

*Full Instructions & Diagrams Included

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