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100% Fluorocarbon Leader - Ring Swivel - Size 8


Gemini 100% Fluorocarbon Leader – Ring Swivel

Gemini 100% Fluorocarbon Leaders offer many benefits to your last meter. They are produced from 100% Fluorocarbon, they are not plastic coated nor have they been imported. They are produced within the UK and deliver a vast array of benefits that will help you to put more fish on the bank.

Key Features:

Each Gemini Leader is produced using 100% Fluorocarbon, our leaders are not plastic coated. The fluorocarbon material we use has a light refractive index of 1.42 (very similar to water), making them near invisible underwater.

Fast Sinking & Ultra Heavy:
The extremely dense nature of Fluorocarbon material used ensures these leaders sink very fast and keep everything pinned down on the lake bed.

Safety & Strength:
Each leader is produced within the UK using our unique ‘Fluorocarbon Fused Bond Technology. This process provides a connection at the end of each leader that is stronger than any conventional knot and also sleeker than any conventional knot. The sleek nature of these connections ensures the terminal tackle deployed on your leader can pass easily off of the leader in the event of a crack-off or break-off.

Not Plastic Coated - 100% Fluorocarbon

850mm Length / 45lb Breaking Strain / 0.60mm Diameter

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Safe and Strong!

Wesley Giles | Lincolsnhire | January 2019

A strong, great leader

Les Field | Lincolnshire | January 2019

Just the edge I needed, invisible in the margins and strong as....

Greg Law | UK | November 2018