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100% Fluorocarbon Leader - Half Swivel Size 8

Size 8 Half Swivel fused onto one end and a 5mm fused loop on to the other end.

100% Fluorocarbon Leaders - 85cm (0.60mm Diameter)


Each leader is crafted using a high quality, fast sinking, near invisible (in water), abrasion resistant Fluorocarbon.

100% Fluorocarbon (Not plastic coated).
With a light refractory index of 142 these leaders are as good as invisible underwater to guarantee maximum stealth.

Fast Sinking & Ultra Heavy: 

The extremely dense nature of Fluorocarbon ensures these leaders sink very fast and keep everything pinned down on the lake bed.

Safety & Strength:
Each Leader is produced by hand in the UK using our unique 'Tapered Fluorocarbon Fused Bond' process. The use of this process ensures safety throughout the setup whilst not compromising the strength.

Incorporates our Tapered Fluorocarbon Fused Bond Technology to ensure presentation and safety.

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